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Dear Friends, Team Members and Supporters - Dear Community ...

These lines are truly not easy to write. Each sentence and each word are like rocks crashing down on us, and with each new line the light gets a little darker. Everything starts small. The bigger and more powerful it is to become, the slower and seemingly more laborious it grows. A change hurts, no matter how much one longed for it, because every parting is a small death.
But only when we draw a line under one life can we begin a new one.

We would like to express our highest thanks, our appreciation for an overwhelming support, the joy of countless moments that gave us strength. Strength to create something that was an incentive for many to do the same. was a project with ups and downs, a loved and despised project. A curse and a blessing at the same time. Admired by many, smiled at by many. People who wished us only the best and others who wished us only the worst - but we can deal with that. So what is it that moves us to make a decision like this one, which we do not regret, but which nevertheless awakens a feeling of unease in us?

It is the decision to stop with what united us as a team. To stop with what created friendships and alliances. To stop what became a duty for us. A duty that we no longer wish to fulfill. A duty that we have always been aware of.

We did not make the decision overnight. Many circumstances have moved us to it more and more. For some, this decision may not be rationally explainable and very surprising. Outwardly, there were no signs that would have suggested it. For us it is a logical consequence as a result of various circumstances.


In other words:

We have decided to discontinue with immediate effect.


We think it's time to vacate the space to let others go first. We've been up there far too long now - so it's only fair to move away now. wishes all Commnunitys of the News and Simulations scene, whether friend or foe, all the best and much success on the way to the top.

We readjust our sails. The wind whips us in the face and we join forces to keep going - in a recalibrated direction, towards the horizon and braving the storm.

We live on, even if not in this form.

Look out on the horizon when the red sails become one with the sun.

We will come back - like a phoenix from the ashes, we too will rise again different, new and stronger.

Now, at the end of this journey, we can proudly say:

There is and was almost Three complete years - With ups and downs.

Thank you for incredible exciting almost 3 years with you.

Thank you to you the community for your support. Eurem Einsatz, der Bereitschaft, dem Tatendrang und daf├╝r, dass Ihr Teil dieses Projektes wart. Tells about us. Your memories - good or bad - are what will forever keep us alive as what we created together: A magical, highly emotional community unlike any other.

We thank all who enjoyed working for us and with us.

Whether it was a text to write, a graphic to design, a website to maintain or a video to create, you were the one constant for us. Always and at any time ready to support us actively. For this
also a
heartfelt thank you.

Keep us in your memory.
For better or worse, it's the memory that counts.

Your Management

Mainz, Monday, 20 April 2021